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Ten Things I Hate About Your Book
Frank Advice From 25 Book Reviewers


Ariion Kathleen Brindley

Book Cover Ten Things I Hate About Your Book

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Index of the book

Part One - The Ten Things I Hate
1. Long sentences and too much description
2. Poor characterization
3. Poor word choice
4. Stupid character names
5. Inconsistent voice of narrator
6. Too many characters
7. Excessive use of jargon
8. Run-on sentences
9. Shifting point-of-view
10. Repetition

Part Two - Ten Things I Don't Like
1. Lengthy prologues or introductions
2. Inconsistent characters
3. Adults angsting over things as if they were teenagers
4. An Ending that is a complete change of tone for the book
5. Books that don't have chapters or lack segues between scenes
6. Dialogue without punctuation
7. Sex scenes that go on and on
8. Euphemisms
9. Inaccurate geography
10. Footnotes that explain basic things

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