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Oxana's Pit


Ariion Kathleen Brindley

Raji by Ariion Kathleen Brindley

Back cover

Raji by Ariion Kathleen Brindley

Cover art by Niki Vukadinova

Now available in paperback

Oxana uses forced labor to operate an illegal mine in the Amazon. Her open-pit excavation is on land owned by Echo Forests, an environmental company based in New York City and controlled by Kennitosh Scarborough (Tosh). When he discovers Oxana's pit on a satellite photo, Tosh goes to investigate and is captured by Oxana's thugs. One of Tosh's employees, Amber Bravant, organizes a search for him. She is also taken prisoner by Oxana. Tosh and Amber's escape is engineered by two Yanomami children who Tosh had befriended before his capture.

First Five Pages

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Review of the book

By Evie Alexis at Long Live Chick-Lit

The old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, has proven itself true once again. I certainly had my fair share of expectations upon glancing at the front of Ariion Kathleen Brindley’s latest work. After reading, I discovered within the pages a story unlike any I could have possibly predicted, surpassing entertainment, providing enthrallment.

Oxana’s Pit is at its core a story of adventure and romance built upon and utilizing themes of slavery, torture, greed, and madness. The latter malevolent attributes belong to the sinister Oxana, a character so evil you would never want to meet the likes of her in either a darkened ally or a sunny, overcrowded square.

And yet it is not the iniquitous Oxana who gives the story its heart and soul, though the author allows her to utter the most chilling of statements; rather it is the successful and surprisingly kind-hearted Tosh Scarborough who brings warmth and sensitivity to the novel, especially after encountering the Bravant triplets whom he hires to work for him. However, Tosh gets more than he bargained for when boss and beautiful accountant/head manager, Amber Bravant, develop a slow, but true affection for one another. My favorite character was George the Secretary, who prepares a mean cup of coffee and can land equally impressive karate chops.

Once again, Brindley’s latest work fails to disappoint. Her writing is seamless and tantalizing, it provides new insights at every corner. A departure for her earlier works, Oxana’s Pit is meant for mature audiences given the dark and ominous nature of the story. It is a must read for adventure lovers everywhere. I know she has made a fan of this booklover.

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