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Kittybabies Himalayan Kittens

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List of links about cats

Himalayan Cat Colors ..... from PandECats.com

Himalayan Color chart ..... from CFA

The History of the Himalayan Cat ..... from PandECats.com

Cat Breed List ..... Cat Breed Descriptions for hundreds of different cats

Cat Health Information ..... Lots of good information and advice on cat and kitten health from Veterinary Partner

Cat Information ..... Very good general information on cats

Feline blood donors? ..... Blood transfusions for cats

Cat Furniture ..... Helpful Tips on Selecting Cat Furniture

The Pigment Parade ..... Good article by Lorraine Shelton about genetics and the color white on cats. Also information on odd eye.

How to give your cat a pill ..... Video from Cornell University.

Our health guarantee
If, within one year from the date of purchase, the cat is found to suffer from any hereditary or congenital defect, or preexisting medical condition which causes death within one year from the date of purchase, the breeder will replace the cat with another cat of equal or better quality only if the cat received the proper medical treatment in a timely fashion to try to save the cat's life and this treatment is confirmed by written statement from a veterinarian and provided to the breeder. The breeder must review all licensed veterinary certified reports and all certified licensed pathologist autopsy reports. This guarantee is limited to replacement and shall not cover veterinary fees, shipping charges or other extraordinary expenses. This guarantee is valid up to one year from the date of purchase. For this guarantee to be valid, the new owner must take the cat to a veterinarian for a complete check-up within three working days of receiving the cat. A kitten may be chosen from the list of available kittens on the website or from any future litter.


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