Himalayan Kittens

This is a female Purebred Himalayan kitten. She is a Seal Point and her name is Footsy
Her birthday was June 24, 2010

She can go to her new home after September 2, 2010.


Footsy has been sold. Please see our other kittens

Breeding rights are available for Footsy

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Please see our other kittens


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How to Take Care of Himalayan Kittens

It takes time to take care of Himalayan kittens. Kittens have a way of getting their hair dirty and it can tangle. The fur is going to be long and needs to be brushed to say soft and clean. You also have to consider finding the right food which is vital to their growth and health. Litter training is done by the mother, but must be reinforced sometimes by the owner. 1 Brush the Himalayan kittens at a young age. The fur will grow long and can become tangled and dirty if it's not brushed every other day.

2 Introduce a scratching post or the kittens will use furniture and walls to sharpen the claws. You need to show the kittens what the scratching post is used for by taking their front paws and placing them on the post. The kitten will start clawing right away.

3 Teach the kittens to use the litter box if the mother does not. This means placing the kittens into the litter box every hour until they use it. Some kittens will need to be kept in a dog crate with a litter box so that they learn.

4 Feed the kittens a soft kitten food. When the kitten is 5 to 6 weeks old, introduce dry kitten food. Even if a kitten is fed soft food as a regular diet, it still needs hard kitten food to keep the teeth strong.

5 Introduce catnip toys to the Himalayan kittens. The kittens need something to occupy theor time. If the kittens do not have any toys, they will find other things to use as toys, including plants and other objects that could cause harm

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