Himalayan Kittens

This is a male Purebred Himalayan kitten. He is a Blue Point and his name is Drover
His birthday was March 5, 2011

He can go to his new home after May 17, 2011


Breeding rights are available for Drover

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Stress Free Cat Training For Confirmed Results
by: David Stevenson

Those who love cats can still become stressed when cat behavior of a long-time family pet suddenly changes. If you are a new kitten owner, you want to provide the best cat training so that you have a healthy and happy pet. Understanding cats training is particularly important when you are bring a second cat into your household. Behavior of Kitty Number One is likely to change for the worse unless you understand some basic techniques for your pet's behavior. Here are some of the areas where a behavior adjustment is desirable.

When your cat is upset about the surroundings, it may be expressed in various ways. She might begin using your bed or carpet instead of a litter box. Of course, this might be an expression of how often the litter box has been cleaned. Sometimes a kitty has a physical problem that can cause avoidance of the litter box because it has become associated with painful urination.

If you come home to a couch or curtains that have been shredded because your cat has used them for a scratching post, you need to know how to deal with the issue. Learning how to change the behavior of the kitty so that you get the desired result is important. There are tips and techniques to use so that the pet is not destroying your furniture and drapes.

Cats love to explore and get into small spaces. If you find that your pet is crawling into areas where they are likely to push over the existing contents of the space, you will want to find a technique of cats training that will save your books, plants and knick knacks from ending up on the floor. For some reason, it's never the items you don't care about that get destroyed.

Finding that a kitty has checked out your garbage container and left remnants of messy trash across the clean kitchen floor can be enough to stress the most patient pet owner. You don't want to have this cat behavior repeated, because there may be items in the trash that could be dangerous for your cat. At the same time, it's not realistic to think that you can put everything out of reach for a curious and playful kitten.

You need to train your pet not to dive out the door each time it opens. It can be dangerous for an inside pet to get outside. All these aspects of training are for your peace of mind and for the cat's safety in an unfamiliar environment. Granted, cats are pretty self reliant, but you don't want to take the chance of a valued pet being hurt or killed. Because the strange environment can frighten the cat they may be long gone before you can catch them or coax them out of a hiding place.

Deciding how to deal with a kitty that suddenly begins biting you or family members can be problematic. You don't want to further frighten a cat that has been traumatized. In some instances, there is no obvious reason for the cat to suddenly become a biter. Learning what causes such behavior and how to deal with it takes patience and study.

Cat training will make your pet nicer to have around. You can enjoy having a pet that is more likely to purr than to bite. A happy and socialized kitty is healthier and more content.

Our 14 day return policy

If for any reason you are not happy with your new kitten, you may return him or her within 14 days of purchase for an exchange or a refund (excluding shipping charges, if any). Thatís it; no fine print, no hassle, no questions asked.

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